5 Facts About Rowing and Canoeing

Photos of Baron Pierre de Coubertin may delude: suits and frail physique. However Coubertin was also a rower. And he was the one to include rowing in the first Olympic Games that were held in 1896.

In a romantic journey on the lake you don’t need a third guy. Rowing is a different story. There can be up to 8 people rowing simultaneously, and with more people, the speed is higher. In single rowing the speed reaches up to 15 km/h, and the American eight, which won in Beijing 2008, reached the speed of 23 km/h.

While rowing 95% of the muscles in the body work: the sportsmen presses the feet against the bottom and pushes them with each stroke of the oar, pulls the body up and down and works with hands. One hour training of rowing burns about 550 calories - as in intensive swimming.

Your child won’t earn huge money in rowing sport. Only in the international competitions (for example, after winning the world championship during two years a person receives $ 5,000 a month by the International Federation).