A Must See Place in Bulgaria For Every Tourist

Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations among tourists from neighboring countries. The country is small, but your standard vacation won’t be enough to tan on the beach and feel the unique local flavor. There are many places to visit, among them one is mandatory - The Valley of Roses.

Have you ever seen how hundreds of thousands of rose buds bloom in the foothills? No? Then go to the small Bulgarian town of Kazanlak and visit the fertile valley at the foot of Old Mountain (The Balkan mountain range). Already a few kilometers before arriving you will feel incredible, exhilarating scent of roses, lavender and mint, and after a while your eyes will see an open sea of beautiful flowers, as if descended from the picturesque canvases. Getting to this stunning place is quite easy, Kazanlak is located on a very busy road car; a railway also passes through it. Distance from the capital Sofia - 200 km, from Plovdiv - 110 km, from Gabrovo - just 50 km. You can reach the Rose Valley by car or bus, which go quite often. And once you get to that magnificent place – just enjoy the scenery and take as many beautiful pictures as possible.