A Widely Used Form of Martial Arts - Boxing

For the optimal development of the specific sport skills and qualities you need to have rather high level of physical training.

There are four championship belts, and a boxer, who gained three of them, is announced the undisputed world champion. The boxer gets his belt in the ring immediately after the victory. If it is a defense of the title, the boxer must bring his belt, otherwise he will be penalized.

Modern boxing belts are made of leather and decorated with semi-precious stones and gilding. This boxer, who won the championship belt, may buy a copy of it for about 700-900 dollars depending on the version.

Boxing gloves reduce the risk of surface injury, but did not reduce and even increase the risk of brain damage. This is due to the fact that boxers in gloves more often hit each other in the head. In the era of boxing with bare fists the hit in the skull could cause injury of attacker’s hand, but after the introduction of gloves that risk came to nothing, which led to a shift of blows from the body to the head.