Bobsleigh - Downhill Sledge in Specially Equipped Track

Bobsleigh sport requires courage, determination, and other valuable physical and mental qualities. Along with the fully trained team and its technical skills, technologically advanced bob is of great importance. In bobsleigh sportsmen do not use simple sleds. Bobs are the steel frame with mounted body of carbon fiber and a pair of runners. The cost of one bob can reach 200-300 thousand Euros.

The bobsled track is an icy run having different twists and turns, as well as mazes. Often these tracks are made on the basis of the concrete structure, and the only natural route is found at home of Bobsleigh in St. Moritz.

Bobsleigh became an Olympic sport in 1924, and only in the early 1990s women became involved in the competition. Depending on the track a bob can accelerate from 120 to 155 km/h.

Bobsleigh is a high-speed sport, based on the skill of the pilot. Bob is very difficult to manage, one wrong move on a ice track at high speed can lead to loss of control. Often bobsledders are the athletes who have previously had experience in other sports that require endurance. They need to run fast, jump and have the experience of strength training.

Bobsledders wear special shoes with spikes of no more than 1 mm and a width of not more than 4 cm in order to have a grip on the ice at the start to successfully accelerate a bob.