Decorative Onion or Allium in your Garden

Wild onion members of this family can be found in forests, steppes and meadows. These biennials or perennials immediately attract attention with their colorful balls-buds, which swing in the wind due to the solid long stems on broad beam of elongated leaves.

Allium has flattened-spherical large onion coated with white, purple or reddish color. The period of decorative onion flowering is May - August (depending on habitat and species). The most common color of inflorescences is purple, lilac, pink and violet. However, there are cream, yellow and blue flowers as well.

Decorative onions in the garden: small and low bulbs look better in groups, large size flowers are harmonious when scattered. Beautiful neighborhood gets the flowering plant with flag-leaf (Iris), Delphiniums, Roses, garden Geraniums, Aquilegia, Salvia, and Hosta.

Dry bouquets are made of decorative onion inflorescence. To do this, cut flower stalks are hung in a ventilated dark room head down for a few weeks.

Allium is planted on sunny spot or partially in shade in moderately fertile and light soil. The main thing is that the ground is well drained, so that the bulbs do not rot.

Allium is cold-resistant and drought-resistant but do not require the annual digging and can grow in one place for several years. Tall varieties need protection from the wind, so that heavy heads when swinging do not break the stalks.