Give Depression the Brush-off with the Help of Heavy Metal

Scientists have proved that loud guitar riffs are able to heal from stress. So it is essential to have a playlist with the greatest songs in the history of metal.

Scientists of the University of Queensland (Australia) recently examined all kinds of music for their ability to help to overcome stress and came to the conclusion that heavy metal works the best in this direction. Yes, not reggae, disco, or even funk. The point is that the music for the brain cleaning should be as loud and sharp at all frequencies. Metal is ideal for these criteria. Also, metal helps to release rage monster that grows in you with each “swallowed” dirty crack and sarcasm in your address.

There are many types of metal and each helps to cope with different types of problems. If you want to punch someone just now or you feel the accumulation of rage - you need hardcore metal. If you just want to relax - listen to stoner metal. If you feel envy or jealousy – listen to sludge metal. Want loud and rhythmic music for the gym? Turn on groove metal. Finally, if you want to find something that would drown your girl, turn on thrash metal. There are many songs in the style of metal, choose any depending on the mood.