Shrill Advertising Campaigns to Protect the Environment

We do not notice how our parents grow old, when we see them every day. However, they are changing, and changing significantly under the weight of worries and stress. Nature is also our parent. And it was not destined to grow old for many and many centuries. However, we harass it with exactions, and it suffers for the sake of our petty gains. And yet it gave us life.

We need to have more respect for our planet. And people who support this idea have created advertising in the protection of the environment. Let us not forget that damaging nature, we damage ourselves.

Here is the collection of the advertising: Those who help nature - end up helping themselves; Everything you throw away comes back; Help us fight the effect of cosmetic testing; Unfortunately, the beach doesn’t clean itself; The planet is paying a high price for every tree that is cut; The greatest wonder of the sea is that it’s still alive; Imagine this is your child; Desertification destroys 6000 species per year; Every minute a species dies out; How many test animals have to pay for your cosmetics; Do not buy exotic animal souvenirs; If you don’t pick it up they will; Global warming is leaving many homeless; Stop the abuse; Save paper - saves the planet; Extinction can’t be fixed; You see a dog, the dog sees a home; We need to recycle waste rather than nature; Before it is too late; Give a hand to wildlife; Use only what you need; Would you care more if I was a panda?; 15 square kilometers of rain forest disappear every minute.