The Ways of Anthurium Reproduction

Beautiful anthurium has captured not only the hearts of women, any man who finds out that a flower of “Men happiness” appeared in the house will watch its growth and changes in life with interest. With proper care at home this glossy plant will have splendid flowering for more than 3 months.

Anthurium should be planted into fresh, breathable, moist soil, with the addition of moss, expanded clay, crushed bark. A pot should be slightly bigger than the previous, but it should be a bit cramped in the “new house”. 1/3 of the pot is filled with the drainage layer.

Anthurium is put in a very bright place, but without straight sunlight (near a window in front of the curtain). Watering of the flower should be regular. Anthurium is often sprayed or there should be a bowl of water next to it. The plant is native to the humid jungles, so the humidity around the plant should be high. When spraying, avoid the contact of water droplets with the flower. Pay special attention to regular fertilizing.

Rarely can you find a flower that can be reproduced by all known means. As you might guess, Anthurium can be grown by: seed multiplication, reproduction by dividing the bush, multiplication of lateral shoots, propagation by cuttings, and leaf reproduction.